For the detailed analysis of concentrator cells, Optosolar offers a spectral response setup that can generate bias light up to a concentration ratio of 700 suns and more.


For multijunction solar cells, this can be applied in multiple colours to choose the subcell that shall be measured.


To have a good signal to noise ratio between the bias light at 700 suns and the monochromatic light, a special high intensity narrow band tunable light source is in use. Under special circumstances, a monochromatic intensity of up to 50 mW (narrow band (!)) can be supplied to the solar cell.


Such a measurement configuration allows to analyse special processes in the semiconductor material at high injection level, at the ame time in a monochromatic resolution. For silicon cells, this can give information on field induced carrier collection (see publication at Paris PVSEC conference) and other material properties.



 for more information, especially measurements at bias light concentration up to 1000 suns, please see pdf:  SR large area for research



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