for more information, please see pdf:  Cooling, Contacting and Cell Area Scanning


 Optosolar offers temperature control solutions both for solar cells and for PV modules.


Solar cell temperature control

Solar cells are typically mounted to a chuck, which is then cooled/heated by water and/or Peltier elements.
Our Peltier controllers come with a cooling stage for the hot side of the Peltier element.
The temperature can be set between 18°C and 50°C. An extended version covers 10°C to 80°C, other options are available on request.
Our standard controller holds the temperature to better than  0.1K fluktuations. Our high efficiency controller improves the fluctuations to better 0.02K fluctuation.
The controller can be equipped with a computer interface. This allows to run automated temperature cycles and measurements at varied temperature conditions.

Cooling plates for solar cells start at 1 inch x 1inch, up to larger than 8 inch x 8inch (or even 30 cm x 230 cm). We can also provide cooling solutions for smaller devices, including laser diodes.


PV string temperature control

Using a specially optimised water coling system for good temperature uniformity, Optosolar has realised cell string cooling, e.g. at a size of 230cm x 30cm.


PV Module temperature control

In order to control PV module temperature, Optosolar has designed a module temperature control box. We offer this in sizes for small or standard modules (1.67m x 1m) up to a module size of 2.7m x 2m.
Temperature control is heating, up to ca. 50°C.



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